5 Best Good Luck Plants for your Home


Plants are one of the best multi-functional investments you can get on your home. They bring a sense of nature inside your house, as well are stylish pieces to help improve circulation and hair quality on the environment. But they have their own esoteric value too; as experts say some species of plants have special properties to attract luck, including love, health and wealth too. Here we have a special list of 5 good luck plants to help you choose the option that best suits for you:

Peace lilies


One of the most beautiful species of flower around the world, orchids adds a special sense of home inside your house, bringing the sensation of comfort and calmness. More than just a pretty face, orchids also can bring good fortune in love, based on Feng Shui knowledge, helping improve relationships and increasing the chances to attracting a new romantic partner. They also are great for oxygenation of the environment, improving breathing quality inside your house.

 Banana plant:

Not so usual to see on western styles of home designing, but very popular on Asia, especially on Southeast. Banana trees are sacred to Hindu faith. According to this tradition, it is believed that two deities, Vishnu and the goddess Lakshmi, stay on the roots of this plant. Worshipped by a number of people in India, it’s believed to improve health quality and bring mental peace. As space can be a matter when it comes to a little larger tree as this, it’s ideal to be used on a winter garden or on a special designed recipient.

Lucky bamboo:

Very popular on Far East-themed designs, such as Chinese and Japanese, this plant have far more properties than just a stylish decoration item. It has the reputation, a very good one indeed, of attract and improve areas of life such as health, love, happiness and wealth too. The number of stalks of the plant is associated with the level of energy and luck you might have putting it inside your home, and also determines the kind of energy you’ll attract within your house. Also, it’s very easy to be take care of to maintenance.

Peace lilies:

As the name already says it all, lilies are a beautiful tribute of nature to mankind. This special flower gets its names from his shape, which remembers a white flag waving in surrender. It brings a great sensation of calmness and helps to let out the stress on daily basis. It’s a great choice for work environments, especially companies where employees are always on pressure. Also can be used on bedrooms to help improve sleep quality and sense of security while resting. Giving lilies to a friend means a sign of good will.

Ashoka tree:

One of the most sacred plants in India, Ashoka trees is very popular all around Southeast Asia. Heavily associated with Hindu folklore and religion, it’s believed to be associated with Kamadeva, the hindu god of love. It’s also a very elegant choice when it comes to home designing.